Imagine Day 8


Today’s Scripture: “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” - John 8:36

Today’s Thought: Yesterday we considered the rich young ruler. We can be pretty hard on this fellow, but let’s be honest, how easy would it be to sell everything we owned if Jesus asked us? And why would Jesus ask so much from a person He sees through eyes of love? The answer must be that Jesus knows true freedom comes from total surrender. Jesus didn’t hesitate to ask for extreme sacri ce from those He called, and it was because He loved them! The rich young ruler asked how to attain eternal life. Jesus gave him the secret - total surrender. Our Lord came from the other side of that sacri ce and knew the reality of an eternal dimension we can only imagine. So do that! Imagine eternity and Jesus’ love for you. Sacri ce becomes becomes freedom!

Today’s Prayer: Dear Jesus, continue to help me with a willingness to completely surrender to You. I trust that whatever You ask of me, it is because you love me. Help me to fully understand that any sacri ce you may ask of me is simply a doorway to true happiness and freedom.