"Is there more to life than this?"  We've all asked this question before. But, what if we could discover the answer—that there is more to life—a life of purpose, connected to our Creator and to others? The core of Jesus’ message invites us on a path to discover this life—a path that can begin here and now.

At Sampa Church, we believe all of us need to explore the answers to life’s big questions for ourselves. We want to be a place where you can explore the claims of Jesus, find out more about the life He promises and see for yourself whether what the Bible teaches is really true. If you ask your questions and are willing to explore the answers that faith in Jesus provides, you may be surprised at where the journey takes you.

We believe that there are three key steps to following Jesus Christ. 

  • Explore Faith

  • Grow Together

  • Make A Difference

To read more about them see Next Steps